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Evolving Needs. Ready Solutions.

One size never fits all, especially in today’s ultra fast-paced world. To meet tenant’s evolving needs, Brookfield Properties created SPACE+, a complement to traditional leasing arrangements, that goes beyond the buildout in their signature properties around the globe. Designed to deliver high-end technology, thoughtful finishes, furnishings, and services, SPACE+ provides an exceptional work environment that gives tenants the space to start realizing visions from day one. All they need to do is show up.

Our team partnered with Brookfield Properties to create a comprehensive brand identity that upholds their reputation for understanding tenants and providing mindful, innovative space. Norms are challenged, ideas are welcomed, goals are achieved, and a collective energy is formed bringing efficiency, precision, and quality top of mind—and the future into focus.

SPACE+ prioritizes the project’s core values of simplicity, clarity, and aesthetics. The logo is strategically grounded with a custom “+” sign, split into four equal parts that represent the cornerstones of the brand: tenant, owner, workspace, and service. The identity is intentionally just as adaptable as the offering, featuring a fluid, yet structured grid system that celebrates the connections between businesses, individuals, and opportunities. A warm color palette reflects the approachable interiors, while a support monogram brings the brand experience full circle. 

Messaging is as clever and bold as the space itself, resulting in a smart and selectively witty brand voice. Punchy pieces of copy showcase an urban attitude that sharpens the narrative. This thought-provoking strategy builds on polished, refined visuals to solidify SPACE+ as a place ready-made for realizing visions. 


The brand expression bridges the gaps between premium environments, quality service, and striking design, motivating business leaders to show up in pursuit of their vision.

New York, NY