Thousand & One

Thousand & One

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Defined By Nature.

Rooted in the greater ecosystem of Water Street Tampa, the world’s first WELL-certified neighborhood, Thousand & One is a biophilic trophy office building that blurs the boundaries between inside and out and responds to the rhythms of an emergent era of work. Thoughtfully designed by COOKFOX architects, this ‘living workplace,’ promises to deliver a restorative environment that cultivates productivity, collaboration, betterment and balance.

Our team partnered with Strategic Property Partners to bring this future-forward property to life, using the established principles of wellness, and sustainability to elevate the brand and foster curiosities around ‘the new downtown Tampa’. Together, we clearly outlined a brand strategy and identity that eloquently expresses Thousand & One’s guiding philosophy of a more balanced and fulfilled life, defined by nature and primed for tomorrow.

Inspired and named by its inherent address, Thousand & One, creates an air of sophistication, while a carefully selected color palette of earthy neutrals reflects Florida’s organic landscape. A thoughtful pairing of typefaces accompanies lively visualizations and photography to elevate the rich identity with warmth and personality. 

Stemming from the overarching descriptor ‘Living Workplaces’, inquisitive questions together with atmospheric headlines reaffirm the property’s nature-inspired design challenging tomorrow’s workforce to seek enriched working experiences and human-centered environments. With a custom-crafted logo and purpose-built details that span a varied set of deliverables, the result is a well-rounded brand that anticipates what Tampa needs to work and live well.

This is about furthering the future of work—specifically, in the heart of Tampa. The language is purposefully motivating. The design is intentionally captivating. And the balance between progress, people, and environment is unmistakable.


This design system enriches Thousand & One’s narrative as a community for well-being, creating a distinct brand that both thrives on its own, as well as lives in harmony under the umbrella of Water Street Tampa brand.

Thousand & One
Tampa, FL