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The Related Group

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The Fine Art Of Community.

With its $50 billion portfolio of luxury residential, commercial and hospitality properties, Miami-based Related Group is one of the nation’s most distinguished developers. Under the stewardship of CEO Jorge Perez, philanthropist and founder of the Perez Art Museum of Miami-Dade County, Related’s lifestyle-oriented projects infuse urban neighborhoods with locally inspired art, culture and design, revitalizing and giving back to the communities they serve. 

Related engaged REA to develop an accessible, intuitive corporate website that felt welcoming and human, while also recognizing their commitment to art, design, philanthropy and community involvement. 

Highly visual and magazine-like in design, the website invites users to interact with it according to their needs and interests. Critical information about Related and its offerings is foregrounded and presented in brief, digestible moments for easy discovery. Presented in a large-scale format optimized for all devices, the photography and renderings powerfully convey the success and diversity of the firm’s projects.

Visual moments alluding to the Florida skyline, sunsets and waterfronts form backdrops for messages from the CEO and other members of the Related team, acting both as brand images for the site while also providing a sense of place and affirming Related’s commitment to their primary market.

A considered site hierarchy ensures a seamless and consistent experience when navigating Related’s more than 200 projects. New top-level Art and Philanthropy pages draw users’ attention to the firm’s connection to the community and the arts through local partnerships, employee engagement and volunteer efforts, celebrating Related’s thoughtful and inclusive approach to urban revitalization.

A large task for us was to understand and organize the content in a way that was digestible and consistent while allowing for seamless future updates.”
The Related Group
Miami, FL