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Fluid Connections.

Spanning three stories and 275,000 newly renovated square feet ready to usher in new ways of thinking, LINQ is a point of significant transformation. Connections converge. Ides flow. Sparks spark. Motives meld. Ample amenities and modern flexibility come together to allow individuals and businesses to move freely from one ambition to the next while bridging the gap between productivity and wellbeing. The future is here, and it’s in constant motion.

REA teamed up with Bushburg Properties to maximize the potential of a reenergized building supported by a future-facing contemporary brand. We carefully considered every detail to refresh the property’s perspective, with the end goal being a holistic brand experience, including everything from identity and website to exterior signage and wayfinding. Our creative collaboration captures the possibilities of the area’s connections and the essence of an emergent era of work.

The strategically developed name, LINQ (Long Island at the Nexus of Queens), sets the tone for the project with its inherent correlation to the connection between boroughs. ‘Fluid Connections,’ the brand concept, celebrates the rhythmic relationships that LINQ fosters, highlighting the seamless flow of people, places, and ideas.

Designed to evoke a sense of movement, the visual identity leverages a customized typeface to mimic a connective flow with unique details that respond to the context of the narrative and channel visitors through the brand experience. Each line of language leads to another, amplifying the momentum of each moment. A monolithic color palette reflects the contemporary design of the property, while purposefully directing the focus to the verbiage and visuals. Select instances of green are used to highlight key points, while also portraying LINQ’s distinct energy and biophilia.

The refreshed brand is authentically aspirational, building on the facets of modern connection that prove LINQ to be a sophisticated work environment for collaborating, innovating, and putting your best ambitions forward.


Aspirational and open-ended, LINQ brings the possibilities of connection into clear focus, creating an inviting culture of collaboration and unrestricted world of opportunity.

Rosedale, NY