641 AoA

641 AoA

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What’s Next Is Already Here.

It takes a lot to stand out on the Avenue of the Americas — yet 641 AoA does so effortlessly, flaunting a distinct fusion of charm, modernity, and innovation that builds on the energy of the city with visions that dare to answer what next. Classic Beaux-Arts architecture has been revitalized and refined, creating a 58,000 RSF building within a building office space perfect for far-reaching ideas.

Our team collaborated with Spear Street Capital to evolve 641 AoA’s legacy by creating a strong brand identity that speaks to the city’s past, present, and future. Timeless, yet forward-thinking. Exclusive, yet authentic. Sophisticated, yet expressive. With intricate detail, our work reflects the nuances of new New York with that unmistakable combination of allure, attitude, and hustle that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Greatly inspired by New York’s refusal to sit still, 641 AoA embodies the same unrelenting rush with a dynamic system of graphics, layouts, and language. A composed palette sets the stage, infused with the limestone color of the building, while a chiseled typeface takes ownership of its history. Edgy street photography offers raw glimpses of the neighborhood, capturing the area’s unique pulse through moments that demand a second look.

Throughout every touchpoint, the brand is enlivened by movement, conveying the flexibility and openness of the workplace itself. The tone of voice stays unapologetically true to the brand’s New York nature, engaging the neighborhood, tenants, and passersby with bold, matter-of-fact bravado. As 641 AoA takes fearless strides toward the future, it does so on a newly cemented brand foundation that fosters collaboration, creative mindsets, and contemporary sensibilities.


To fit in with the energy of the Avenue of the Americas, you can’t just acknowledge it — you have to add to it. 641 AoA exemplifies the spirit of New York with purposefully polished intensity.

641 AoA
New York, NY