The Exchange

The Exchange

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Watch Raleigh Come Alive

Nestled within the lush greenery of Raleigh, North Carolina, The Exchange merges nature’s abundance with the city’s conveniences, bringing together meaningful experiences and authentic relationships, to usher in a new balanced way of life. Dewitt Carolinas entrusted us with their most ambitious project yet: to create a holistic brand that could communicate the scale of this innovative mixed-use development over the coming years.

We created a dynamic and adaptable visual system that could evolve alongside the project and effectively communicate with all the different audiences. Our focus was on scalability and flexibility, ensuring that the brand could grow and expand with the project and its vision.

With over 10 visualizations and 360-degree scenes, we’ve created rich perspectives that allow future tenants and visitors to envision themselves experiencing the development firsthand. From sweeping aerial views that capture the scale and scope of the 18-building complex, to intimate portraits of street-level architecture and people, our visualizations showcase the unique character and energy of The Exchange. These visuals provide an immersive and engaging experience, inviting viewers to explore every aspect of The Exchange and imagine themselves as a part of this vibrant community.

At the groundbreaking event, the brand system was brought to life, leaving a profound impact. The collective vision was embraced and evoked pride and satisfaction.

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