The alliance of science

We The Curious

We The Curious is the new name for @Bristol, an educational and interactive science centre full of exhibits, activities and live shows. Its aim is to make science more accessible for anyone, beyond the confines of traditional science, fostering a culture of curiosity.

The new name is both a declaration and a call-to-action. It embodies the desire within each of us to discover, experience and learn more about the world around us. It asks visitors to question what’s before their eyes and search for their own answers – unlocking their own inquisitive nature.

The adventurous new brandmark is constructed from a series of bold, geometric shapes that form the word ‘curious’. The full name is placed beside it, upside down puzzle-style, providing the solution to the brainteaser created by the shapes.

“We worked together to think beyond the confines of a visitor attraction, museum or traditional science centre and couldn’t be prouder of what has been developed. The strategic thinking, name and visual identity are truly remarkable; it reflects our intention and ambition to create a culture of curiosity beautifully. We’re so excited to discover where ‘We The Curious’ brand can take all our curious minds.”

Donna Speed
Chief Executive Officer

The culture of curiosity now extends to over 32,000 people on social media (three times the number following other UK science centres), continually interacting and asking ‘what if?’.

As part of the project, a £3m award from Wellcome’s Inspiring Science fund to create a ‘Curious City’ was granted – a participative experience driven by questions about science, from the people of Bristol and under-represented audiences.