Best of Earth


Sedes actively sources the highest quality organic food products from around the world, and exports to the US for sale in boutique health retailers; they also have a long-term view to launching their own health stores and cafes across the USA.

Rare Breed were commissioned to create a brand identity and positioning to differentiate Sedes from other high street health food brands. We created an all-encompassing proposition – ‘Best of Earth’ to promote their holistic offering, with the Yin and Yang symbol in the brandmark representing the duality and harmony of body and soul, as well as encompassing an ‘S’ for Sedes.

The bold, botanical aspect of the contrasting visuals acknowledges the centuries-old heritage of sourcing from the Mediterranean basin, while an honest, earthy colour pallet provides a striking flexibility across a diverse product range of materials and packaging. With future online sales playing a critical role, our packaging guidelines ensured that the brand would have sufficient stand-out on-screen.

The end result is a brand that sets out Sedes’ commitment for real, honest food of the very finest quality – and we were delighted that our work was recognised by GDUSA at their annual Brand Identity Awards.