Safe as houses

Finsbury Food Group

We’ve worked with Finsbury Food Group – an award-winning, speciality bakery manufacturer – for over ten years.

With a high volume of bakery employees working shift patterns across each 24 hours, occupational health, safety and wellbeing is paramount – never more so than in the challenging times of COVID-19.

Rare Breed generated the ‘Home Safe’ campaign – reminding everyone of the ultimate benefit of safety in the workplace – to get home safe at the end of each day. Clear, easily understood visuals, with a hint of humour, reproduced in bold impactful colours, differentiated this campaign from other industry standard communications. They emphasised the need to operate with care within the Finsbury work environment, and introduced the importance of ‘near-miss reporting’ across all nine locations – to help set new health and safety targets and to achieve and report on all organisational objectives.