It’s back to the classroom for the Rare Breed team this year! We’re delighted to have been asked to set a brief for the 3rd year students on the LCC’s Graphic Branding & Identity course and work with them to develop their ideas over the next few months.

We spent a good while discussing the kind of brief we should set – something that people are broadly familiar with, something that everyone can relate to in some capacity but that still has huge scope for different interpretations.

In the end, after the endless self-restraint of lockdown – and the many (mostly failed) attempts to live a more virtuous life through our new year resolutions, we decided that it was time to embrace the dark side. So our theme for the students in our group is the Seven Deadly Sins – an idea that has captured the imagination of writers, musicians, film-makers and artists for, quite literally, millennia.

It was brilliant to meet our group of students this afternoon – we’re inspired by their energy and positivity in such a difficult time. And we cannot wait to see what they come up with!